Simplifying Home Cooking

Know more about TAMATARR MEAL KITS

Cook at Home meal kit is a DIY Kit that contains experts designed recipes & all fresh ingredients in measured quantities. The vision behind the meal kits is to simplify home cooking & helps you to eat healthy without spending much time.

In Every Meal Kit, you will receive a Kit which contains Measured Spices, Fresh Ingredients & an easy-to-follow Recipe Card. You all need to follow the recipe card to create a perfect meal. We do not provide semi-cooked meals as we aim to provide high quality fresh ingredients without any preservatives so people can eat fresh for a Healthier Lifestyle.

Tamatarr Meal Kits are prepared inside our facility after we receive the order. Nothing is packed or prepared before the order. Our experts follow maximum sanitary precautions during the entire process.

Tamatarr procures Fresh Ingredients directly from Local Farmers & Local Vendors.

We ensure same day delivery for order placed before 5PM or You can easily choose your delivery date & time.

Upon receiving the KIT, It is recommended to refrigerate Fresh ingredients ,Dairy items & prepare dish within 24 hours. However, the refrigerated Kit can last for 48 hours easily. But we strongly recommended to cook dish within 24hours to maintain nutritional value of Fresh Ingredients

All meal kits we are delivering can serves 2 People easily. Serving sizes of Kits are mentioned against all dishes. If you’re looking at serving more people you can order 2 units of the recipe.